The Olof design has its origin in the timeless Swedish night shirt‭, but has been completely re-thought in fit‭, ‬detailing and fabric qualities‭, ‬making it a lot more refined‭. ‬It’s used as home wear‭, ‬summer wear‭, ‬vacation wear or simply as a long shirt over pants with a nice knitted sweater or a jacket‬.

Our designs are completed with renowned Swedish pattern makers and all our samples are created by our preferred‭ ‬seamstresses in Stockholm‭, also known for making custom clothing for the Royal Swedish Opera‭.‬

Packaging and quality control on each individual garment happens at our facilities in Stockholm. The boxes are made by hand by Mr Gunnar of Norrmalms Kartongfabrik (EST. 1916)

The Olof MK-1A is our very first product and fittingly named after the first Millkeeper on record at Boda Mill in Sweden, where he lived and worked 1680-1710.

Olof MK-1A - Chalk White

    Made from a very light (80gsm2) and soft 100% cotton quality, the Olof Chalk White is elegantly dress-y and with a particularly luxurious feel to the skin.

    It has a simple straight cut that is loose enough to feel comfortable but slim enough to look elegant and fitted. The pocket is especially designed to fit your reading glasses, no phones. Our sizes generally follow established S, M, L, XL traditions, but please visit our size guide for more exact help.

    The fabric loves to be ironed, over and over, and brings it back to its out-of-the-box feel. We prefer washing hand-wash (machine wash) at 30 degrees to keep the garment fresh. For drying we recommend drying flat or hanging.

    We usually try to ship the next business day after order has been placed. So it should only be a matter of days before you have your shirt in hand, obviously a little dependent on where you are in the world.

    For any other questions about sizing, care or delivery times please contact us at