Made from some of the world’s toughest cows (Swedish) the Jöns glove is made to shield you from rips and tears all the way up your arm. 

The entire making process, from cow to glove, is done within hours drive from the Millkeeper studios in Stockholm.

The Jöns glove is named after hard-working Millkeeper Jöns Carlström who tended to Boda Mill in Sweden between 1780 and 1806.

We are very proud of this product, as it not only solves the practical problem of shredded arms when working hard, but also made with minimal impact on the environment and great respect to local craftsmanship.


    The 1.2-1.4mm split leather is treated and sanded to be tough yet soft in an entirely eco friendly way at Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Then cut and sown by hand by our leather seamstress studio nearby.

    One size only - Large to X-Large. The glove is designed to cover most of the underarm, while allowing full movement. Palm reinforcement for extra strength. Subtle ventilation holes on top.

    We usually try to ship the next business day after order has been placed. So it should only be a matter of days before you have your shirt in hand, obviously a little dependent on where you are in the world.

    For any other questions about sizing, care or delivery times please contact us at