Entirely made in Sweden, with Swedish materials and craftsmen, using eco-conscious processes.

Designed for a very versatile use. Excellent for that final splitting of the wood to get the evening fireplace going but also powerful enough to handle the unexpected anywhere - in the woods, on treks or while on the road. It will even handle a small slaughter thanks to it’s sharp edge.

The Erik is well balanced but with power unusual for such a small axe. It has a little more weight than most small axes but frankly that just adds to the good feel.


  • HEAD
    The head is hand forged by Wetterlings Axe Works for us. Handmade quality since 1880 using traditional methods, Swedish steel from Smedjebacken and local skilled blacksmiths. The old machines are partly run by the power generated by the river that runs under the forge, something particularly appealing to us. The steel is hardened to 57 Rock-Well C - this is a level Wetterlings has found is the perfect balance - hard enough to be incredibly durable, easy enough to sharpen, but not too hard which makes it fragile at cold temperatures.

    The handle is manufactured to our design specs (after countless prototyping rounds) by turning experts Smedbergs Brothers in Småland. With 70 years in the business we can safely say they had a thing or two to teach us.

    We chose Swedish beech wood as was traditionally used for axe handles and other tools in Sweden. Importing Hickory from North America would have been easier and cheaper, but its not how we wanted to roll with this axe. Keep it local.

    We opted for a nearly transparent wax as protective coating to let the wood's natural fair character come through.

    The paint inspired by traditionally painted axes found in the Wetterlings Axe Works’ archives. We love how it enhances the imperfections in the hand crafted steel, you can’t get that texture from anything but human hands.

    The leather sheath is manufactured by Tärnsjö Tannery. Exceptional craftsmen who we know from previous projects, using all vegetable prouducts in their tanning processes. And lovely people.

    Weight 1kg, length 35.5cm

    We usually try to ship the next business day after order has been placed. So it should only be a matter of days before you have your shirt in hand, obviously a little dependent on where you are in the world.

    For any other questions about care or delivery times please contact us at hello@millkeeper.com