LARS MK-4B Dark Blue

OLOF MK-1A Huntsman Green Melange

OLOF MK-1A Navy Blue Melange

MK-1A Light Grey Melange

OLOF MK-1C Dark Grey Melange

OLOF MK-1C Carbon Black Melange

LARS MK-5C  White

KARL MK-6A Dark Blue

OLOF MK-1A Dark Grey Melange

OLOF MK-1C Soft Pink Melange

KARL MK-6B Light Blue

LARS MK-5E Dark grey

OLOF MK-1C Dark Grey Melange

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The Millkeeper Project. To the hand that holds the axe that chops the wood that heats the house. To fixing when broken, talking when needed and paying attention to silence. To working hard and sleeping well. To breathing in before breathing out.

Millkeeper Stockholm

Baltzar von Platens Gata 4

+46 729 42 78 36